One would think that you could deprive yourself from media for a day or two. Do you really think you could? Well let me tell you, there is no way. Media has taken over the world.

For two days I decided to document on a journal how often I interacted with media and the results were outrageous. I wake up at 8 a.m on a regular school day and what do you think was the first thing I found myself doing? Turning on the T.V so that I could enjoy my breakfast even more. I also turned my computer on, you know, I have to check facebook every chance I get and what adolescent doesn’t multitask these days.

The first thing that’s on the T.V when I turned on was commercials, and we all know those are just full of advertisements. You see commercials for health and car insurance, food products, automobiles, clothing items, etc.

Also at that time of the day all you can find on T.V is the news, which keep you up to date on what is going on around the world so that is a good thing. By the time I decided to really listen to the news broadcasters, my cereal bowl was empty and it was time to head to class.

Once again I get in the car and first thing I do is turn on my radio, what kind of car ride is one without a radio? There is just no way around that. And once the radio is on I realized, this is another form of media whether I am listening to music or just listening to the regular radio. But once again at that time of the day not much music is being played and is all about people discussing the current events or just things in general.

I went through the rest of the day noticing that media is everywhere, you see ads, newspapers stands on the sidewalks, and then there is the one we are all so familiar with, a cell phone.

This piece of technology just does everything, we can listen to music, talk to people, go on the internet and check our facebook, blog, twitter, and all those social networks that we love.

And sometimes it makes me wonder, are we losing our social skills because of this?

Media and technology come hand in hand; the point of media convergence right now is at its highest right now. We can find almost anything we want or need on our cell phones and/or computers. Even on what are possibly consider “old” media outlets like newspapers, magazines and billboards. Which you see everywhere and there is just no way to avoid it.

All of the encounters I had with different media sources made me realize that media has been slowly taking over the world with the help of technology. Next time you have a chance, analyze and think about how many times you experience media whether it’s your car, office, walking down the road, classroom and just any place that you might be at and you will realize that there is no way of avoiding media.


Do you think you could go a day without any sort of media? I certainly thought I would be able to do it, but after taking a shot at it I realized there was no way I would be able to. For a few hours I thought to myself, this is not so hard after all but then I got a text message from my friend telling me about a man at the John Hopkins Hospital that went on a shooting rampage.

After reading the message, I realized that was a sort of media, I was learning about events going on in the world through my cell phone/a text message.

If it wasn’t because of my first mass communication class I would have thought the message was no big deal because I didn’t think a text would be cons

idered media.

Unfortunately this was not the only case in which I was not able to go without media. Earlier in the day I had been invited to a cookout at my friend’s house so what was the first thing I did when I got into my car? You’re right, I turned on the radio.

I started singing along to the song on the radio and half way through the song I was like SHOOT! This is another source of media. And then I started to notice media all around me. It was like a movie when you are doing something you are not suppose to be doing, and yet you are being bombarded by all these things that just keep reminding you of that one thing you shouldn’t be doing.

As I was on my way to my friend’s house singing along to the song, which needless to say was stuck in my head for the rest of the day, I looked all around me and noticed a bus with a hug

e advertisement on the side, a huge billboard about health insurance, girls on the sidewalk with posters about kids in Africa struggling with hunger.

On top of all of the different sources of media that i experienced without really trying to, I also caught myself going through withdrawals because I was not using my computer and checking my favorite websites like youtube, Facebook, mtv and perezhilton.

After going through this I realized that there is no way one could go for a day without media, it’s not possible. Media is all around us, media is a way to communicate and a life without communication, to me personally, would not be a life.

All of this made me think how far we’ve come from the Oral era of communication, when

it was all about the word of mouth and how technology just keeps playing such a huge part in our lives, and the way we communicate. Now that I’ve told you about my experience do you still think you could live without media? Maybe for a day or two…I thought I could but that definitely wasn’t the case. For a few hours it felt as though I was living in another world, a world without media.

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