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A pregnant nun…can you believe it?

Well there is an ad that provides just that. In this blog I would like to take the time to write to the folks at Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano in Italy, who are responsible for such an advertisement.

Where have your ethics gone? Why do you believe it is fair to use other people to earn a profit? I do not mean to sound angry but I find your ad a bit disrespectful to a majority of people known as Catholics. Catholics make up a huge part of the world. If you are trying to sell a product why would you mock their beliefs in such a way.

I believe there is a certain satire and gentle humor that some ads have but in this ad you folks have gone overboard. I do not think many people were finding this funny, maybe creative because of the name of your gelato, which happens to be conceived.

But besides that there is nothing funny about it, it is disrespecting things people believe in and to make fun of it this way i happen to find very unethical. I also think it is a bit selfish that you are using this to make money.

I am almost positive that you, like many other businesses only worry about making a profit because at the end of the day that is why you are in the business industry.

Because of this I suggest you re evaluate the way you are trying to earn a profit and follow ethical guidelines. There is plenty of ways to attract people’s attention without disrespecting them.


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This past weekend while I was home back in New Hampshire I attended the 17th annual holiday stroll in my hometown Nashua.

This event has been around since 1993 and they used it to start the holiday season. Every year they close down Main Street and a lot of people come out to walk around, see the Christmas tree light up, visit the local stores, get free food and see a few other events.

One of the events that stood out to me was the ice sculptures. I had never been to the event but always saw the sculptures on the road.

The reason why this caught my attention was because of who it was sponsored by and the way they were using to attract people and in a way secure good media publicity.

The ice sculpture event was being sponsored by Sunnyside Acura, a car dealership in Nashua. What was even better who they were attracting and how they went about it.

The ice sculpture’s theme was SpongeBob Square Pants. What does the cartoon have to do with Christmas? Nothing. Who was it attracting? Children. And who were they with? Their parents.

The fact that all the children wanted to see the figures, then made their parents bring them to the stands. And then they had a huge ice sculpture with a sign that said Sunnyside Acura of Nashua. Obviously none of the kids are looking at that but the parents are.

This then makes the adults wonder where the Acura stand was and if they might have any deals. Well, less than 10 feet away there was a huge and very nice Acura, one of their latest models.

I think that by them promoting and sponsoring this event that attracts children, they are making a very clean and favorable image for their business. People start to believe that they care about children. And any parent appreciates their kid having fun.

Another huge factor is where the statues were being placed and made. They were being sculptured right in front of the city hall, at the beginning of Main Street.

At the end, I believe this method of promoting their product was successful because the biggest crowd of people in the whole stroll was right in front of the ice sculptures and the car.

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If I had to think of how many times I see a Coca-Cola sign during the day, the answer would be a huge number.  Where do you not see coca-cola? Can you think of a place?

I am sure it is not easy to think of one. The reason why is because of great job this company has done with their advertising.

We see tons of vending machines on the streets, gas stations, movie theaters, stores, the mall and even libraries. We also see tons of commercials. We see the coke can in cartoons, movies, T.V shows, sporting events and let’s not mention around holiday season.

Coca-cola is one company that has done an exceptional job in partnering with many sources of main stream media that has helped them achieve such a great success.

Also they have must have a great team behind them because they have come up with some great ideas that have appealed to all sorts of audience. How could we forget the incredibly cute polar bear commercial?

What about the commercial in which Santa is getting a coke from the vending machine and the little boy is in disbelief?

Not only have they done a great job with their creative ideas but also the times at which they promote their product. We have seen them in shows during the day like cartoons that appeal to kids and shows at night that target adults.

It is hard to go in complete detail about all the strategies they use because they have simply use every single on in the book. They have had a famous celebrity be part of their commercial; we see them use the bandwagon effect in the Simpsons commercial.

They have also reinvented themselves to attract new customers. They recently came out with Coke Zero, that contains 0 calories and I am sure this brought in a lot of customers that were on a diet because they worry about their weight.

We also see Coca-Cola signs on billboards, huge bottles on buses, we see little stands painted completely red with the sign on them, and people selling the soda out of a cooler in the shape of a coca-cola can.

All in all, there is no denying that Coca-Cola has done a great job at advertising and as long as they continue doing so they are not leaving the business. They are a power house and so far they have done a tremendous job appealing to their customers. And also not to mention the fact that they are in more than 200 different countries.

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Have you heard of Dan Brown? If your answer is no, then have you heard of “The Da Vinci Code”? Or “Angels and Demons”? Well if you have heard of those two books, then you know Dan Brown was the author of both.

Now, have you heard of “The Lost Symbol“? If not, then you are about to find out about it. “The Lost Symbol” is his third novel and it is based in Washington, D.C. And it involves the recurring theme of “The Da Vinci Code” that has a lot to do with freemasonry.

I recently heard about this book through a friend. He recommended it and at first I was a little skeptical because I started reading both “Angels and Demons” and “The Da Vinci Code” but I just could not get into the books so I did not finish them.  My friend said he could not get into this one so he said I could borrow it.

I started reading the book and on the first page it mentions that all organizations, rituals and places in the book are real. That completely threw me off because the title of the book is already captivating enough.

From that first page, the book had my devoted attention. There was a lot that I learned by reading this book and this is why as of right now, it stands as a favorite.

This book played with my head because despite the fact that the book is fiction and the fact that he had mentioned about the organizations and stuff being real, at times I found myself thinking the story had actually happened.

Throughout the whole book, Dan Brown provides you with plenty of references to the bible and other religious objects, paintings and rituals that help you understand what he is talking about. There was also a lot of talk about science and technology, which provided me with a lot of knowledge.

Because of this information, it made a huge impact on my beliefs, knowledge and to a certain extent faith.

The main theme of the book is looking for that lost symbol that will provide the “chosen one” with enormous wisdom that will change the world. Then once I found out what the “lost symbol” was, it completely made sense. Especially because of the way he had explained it throughout the book and also references he had made.

He makes very clear and legitimate points on the way people have guide our beliefs in recent ages and how once people find the true meaning of “the” words and analyze them, then we will obtain wisdom. Not to give the book away, but the words we need to analyze happen to be in the bible.

Even though the book change some of my view on things, I still follow my beliefs and faith but with a lot more knowledge of it. And this, I have to thank to “the lost symbol”.

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