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We all know celebrities, and most people know about their personal lives. Why do we know this? Well…the tabloids have a lot to do with it. But the infamous Perez Hilton has stepped up to the front of it. With millions of people visiting his website/blog, they learn everything that is going on in Hollywood.

For the most part he does not get the best publicity. Most of his blogs and comments are blunt and rude. Something most celebrities do not seem to be okay with, but his visitors are and that is why he has become such a sensation.

Some would say that the media world is a limited competition market. But to me, it is starting to become a monopoly, with Perez Hilton being the dominator. I would dare say that there are more people reading his website than costumers buying magazines such as Us weekly, People, or InTouch.

That being said how can you promote a website when you are part of the media world? and most of the people who could promote you are your competitors. Well the only way to do it is through cross-promotion. Whatever product you have, put your name on it.

I think a good way to promote yourself even more is by starting your own TV show and on his case promote it through his website. Millions of people check his blog daily and they would see his intentions or plans to start a TV show. The show would be something very much like E news.

But without losing the Perez Hilton touch that has made him so famous. To get good ratings, a cocktail party could be thrown. A lot of celebrities could be in attendance, which then would bring in other media outlets. There would be enough posters and gifts with Perez Hilton on it.  The party would be in Hollywood or Las Vegas.

These cities are being constantly visited by famous celebrities and there would be no issue getting them there. Plus what celebrity doesn’t like being in the spotlight?

Once the TV show is under its way, he then could move on to other things such as a magazine. And obviously while being on his show, he could promote his website. Accomplishing all of this, would make the market into a legitimate monopoly. One being controlled just by one company, Perez Hilton.


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Have you ever thought of the impact social networking has on your life? I doubt anyone has really taken the time to analyze this question. To people these days and especially the young culture, social networking is just part of our lives and most of the time it goes unnoticed.

Two of the biggest social networking sites that play part in our lives are MySpace and Facebook. Both of them have been around since 2003 and 2004 respectively. These two sites have raised a lot of controversy and have changed the web. On these sites you are able to create a profile based on your identity and personality.

These sites have basic demographic information such as age, ethnicity, gender, education, and occupation. They also provide psychographic information about a person, things such as religious beliefs, interests and motivations.

With this information, the site then categorizes people and provides you with other people/friends who share the same or similar information. Very much like the advertising and commercial world.

I happened to find this article about social networking and it discussed different issues. One of the main issues was how professors are starting to bring such as websites into the classroom in an attempt to try and teach or relate to their students. This does not fall far from my mass communication class, in which most of my writing assignments are due online on a blogging website called wordpress and we also have a facebook-like site in which we can chat with fellow class mates, find our syllabus, grades, power point presentations, and anything related to class.

According to the article many people find this inappropriate and some are skeptical about it. They believe it crosses the line between a student-professor relation, and it becomes more of an intimate friendship. But in my opinion this will only happen if the teacher allows this relation get to that point.

Some people believe it does not help students with their writing abilities because of the informal format by which social networking sites operate. They also believe that because of the freedom provided by the sites, students tend to make inappropriate comments. But once again the professor has to play a big role in monitoring what students are doing with their sites whether it is inside the classroom or through their profiles on the site.

Social networking is not only affecting classrooms, teachers and schools but also everyone’s social life in general. People find it easier to communicate and sometimes express their ideas on a website. Web 2.0 is a huge part of the 21st century and social networking is a huge part of the web. Very much like cell phones and texting, social networking is affecting our social skills. Now we chat more and tend not to have many face to face conversations with people. People are starting to date based on information provided on social networking sites, and maybe this a reason why the divorce rate is growing.

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As I was watching “The Challenge: Cutthroat” on MTV, which happens to be one of my favorite shows, my roommate came in and asked to go to McDonalds. I knew I was going to miss the show but then I asked myself, could I watch it online?

Sure thing, as soon as I got home from eating with my roommate I went on the MTV website. By the time I got home the show was already over but in no time they had already upload the episode online. It was the headline; first thing you saw when you went on their website.

This to me was impressing. It had taken them less than 10 minutes to upload the full episode from the show after it was over on TV. Better yet without all the regular commercials, you only see one or two because advertisement is one of the biggest sources of revenue in the mass media world so there is no way of avoiding that.

After watching the part of the episode I missed, I decided to navigate the website and see how it really functioned. And I have to give them props.

The website is set up in a very clear way. The home page shows you the various things going on in the music world, and primarily the different shows currently being aired on TV. They do a really good job posting what the audience appeals to and are interested in. Also on a side bar they have their TV schedule, which comes in handy for those that don’t want to sit and stare at the TV guide channel waiting for MTV to come up.

When you go on their website, right at the top you have 4 options to choose from. They are in a bigger font than the rest of anything else on the page and these options are music, shows, news and movies. This is what MTV is commonly known for.

I decided to go through their shows to see what they had and I was surprised with my finding. The website provided all the shows that had ever been on TV, all the episodes, pictures, biographies from the people in it and a brief summary of each episode.

On their music part they had any artist you could think of, their videos, live performances, and just regular audio. Under the news section, you find headlines of current news not only about celebrities but also all around news. In the movies section, they have a blog about movies, videos, interviews with actors and pictures.

There were plenty of options and information provided by the website and this showed what a great job they are doing by bringing entertainment and information to people’s interest. They also let you interact with the website and let you blog and voice your opinion about any subject. On every page, there is a comments section and in there you can read what people had to say about a topic, movie, show, anything.

Most of the blogs done by the people are written in an advocacy journalism type of way. They are written by people that are trying to promote their particular point of view and at times the discussions elevate and get a bit defensive.

All in all the website does a tremendous job, the design makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for and once you find it then they serve you with all the information you might need.

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